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 I’m heading to Maximus bc my muse there is so high rn.
             Anyway, don’t know how much longer I’m planning on being online tonight anyway. Pretty tired and I need to haul hay tomorrow.

  anyway ye I would love some  love over at maximus, so I’m just gonna scedaddle over there and try and get to drafts for spirit soonish. }

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hawaiianbexuty said:

❝Auê— What is a horse doin’
                                 around here? ❞


{||: ✯ :||}    At this point,
                  he’s just about wondering the same thing:

                                                       What is he doing here?

     And still, he wants attention and food,
   and this seems the only safe place to look for the time.

                                                  He’s just going to keep nickering in the human-mare’s direction.

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For some reason my muses just don’t want to work with me so I just sit staring at my dash reblogging things and I always think that people think I’m ignoring them, but I don’t do it on purpose. I just don’t know what to say or how to reply to anyone or anything. It’s frustrating and I get worked up over it, which makes replies even less likely. It’s a horrible Catch-22 of frustration and anxieties that I wish I could overcome, but I just can’t. I constantly feel like such a horrible RP partner.

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"Now why in Equestria are you staring at—?" The mythical being gave himself a once-over.

"Oh, dear, how embarrassing!" Discord exclaimed with a giggle. With a snap of his paw, he transformed into a grey stallion with a short black mane.

"Will that keep you from looking at me like I’m a freak?”

Of course he was exactly that, but freak was more of a compliment to him. He just always forgot to blend in while traveling around somewhere else besides Ponyville or Canterlot. Silly him.

{||: ✯ :||}   Okay, now that wasn’t normal, either.

                Ears pricked forward, head pressing back, now, brows furrowing in confusion.
  He’s never seen magic before, and such an act of changing oneself was unfamiliar entirely to the Stallion.

                    When he found the creature spoke his tongue, his own words were short,
            almost impatient.

      “…..  I don’t know who you are, hide-changer,
                    or how you managed to chance from…… beast to equine…
                           But these are not your lands, and your presence here is… unwelcome.”

  Perhaps a bit harsh,
       but the Mustang isn’t taking kindly to something so odd.

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To all the quality roleplayers


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   { cries bc just hit 200 followers

     also cries bc it’s the ‘guess who i owe drafts to’ time meaning if I owe you a reply pls like this because I know I’ve lost a shitton already }

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——; {The young girl gave a slight gasp, worriness displayed by her eyes. Without a second thought, she carefully approached the horse. She felt too frightened to touch the barbed wire at first, as she was afraid of hurting herself. With enough courage, she gingerly untangled the barbed wire, doing careful work with her fingers and hands. She was deep in strong concentration. After what seemed like an eternity, the barbed wire was undone, and the girl carefully set it aside.}

——; "A-Are you okay?"

——; {Her voice was delicate and soothing. She placed a hand on the horse’s snout, showing him that she is no threat.}

{||: ✯ :||}    The Stallion can hardly struggle as she reaches forward to pull the wire from about his legs,
muscles quivering at the effort he’d taken to try and get out in the first place.

                  His breath is heaving, leaving him with drooping head and flaring nostrils,
                hardly enough fight left to even try and pull back at her touch.
    Instead, he gazes upwards, out of the tops of his eyes, ears pressing back and then forward, inhaling her scent before giving a throaty nicker.

   He’s not trying to stand. The barbs have hurt him too bad.

                                                   So much for surviving.

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Title: The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Artist: Charlie Daniels Band
Played: 151431 times

& if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold,
But if you lose the devil gets your soul.

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+ justbecauseioughta

    {||: ✯ :||}   Okay, he’s never quite seen anything like that before.

    Was it a horse? Or a mountain lion? A snake, perhaps? A bear?
   He’s not even sure what to think of it, instead suiting himself to wrinkilng his nose and pinning his ears back, head shooting up and feet planting firmly to the earth.

                                      He felt bad for whatever mare had birthed him.

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a haiku a day (118/365)

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   { lOL nevermind fuck me a Discord followed and now Spirit muse just burst through the ceiling hahahahahaha I’m stupid }

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leadsyoutoyourfate whispered: (i forgot to send this) 100000000000000000000000/10

on a scale of one to ten how well do you think I understand the character I play?

    { bye friend I’m ded }